Silicon Technix™ establish with a vision of the massive requirements for Software, VoIP, ISP and Network solutions in the industry. Our core expertise are Software, Web, VoIP, Hosting, ISP Solutions and Networks Security Soltutions. Silicon Technix™ provides the essential human resource input to create software, web, VoIP, network and multimedia solutions. .

Silicon Technix™ is equipped with dedicated communication links, has distributed among Software Development Centers in Pakistan and UK to enable IT professionals to reciprocate with their customers more effectively.
Our Vision To provide "Turn Key Solution" enabling Customers to increase productivity by communicating more efficiently across organizations both internal and external..

B2B Throughout the business-first process, Silicon Technix™ translates strategic business objectives into sound, achievable technology solutions. This approach ensures that the technology never obscures the business goals.

Our Solutions includes advantage of new technologies and we develop practical value added applications that tempt to increase corporate and individual productivity on a fast-moving track.

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