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We are providing business solutions & consultancy services in the field of Information Technology specifically in Network Consultancy, ready-made and Customized Software, Animated Website, Networking Solutions, Computer Hardware services since Then. The company may be a new but the people behind it, are richly equipped in terms of Experience, Expertise and Dedication.

At SILICONTECHNIX work speaks for itself. Our look and feel is our trademark -- Our attention to the audience is our cornerstone. Our products/services consistently interact with the viewer through the refined use of cutting edge technologies, which typically exceed the perceived capabilities of the Internet and Intranet.

IT, Hardware & Software, and Network Consultancy

Concept have a wealth of knowledge in the IT industry. We have split our expertise into two sections, Hardware/Software Solutions and Networking Solutions.

Our consultancy service is designed to be flexible so we can adapt to the individual needs of your company. We offer consultancy at many levels ranging from simple advice to the design and implimentation of a complete system. Combined with our other services, we can create a package tailored to your needs.

Hardware and Software Solutions

Understanding computer jargon and acronyms, determining which hardware and software will work best for you and choosing where to get it from can be daunting to say the least. By offering simple yet effective advice we can guide you through the various stages of a technology-related project in easy to understand terms.

Introducing technology for the first time

Introducing technology into your company for the first time can be a daunting task. Determining the best approach to take, how technology can be utilised to the greatest extent and the ways it will benefit your company are not easy tasks. In addition there are many options when it comes to choosing which hardware and software is best suited to your requirements. We can help, by offering an objective independent assessment of your ideas and requirements, building on them and guiding you.

Updating and improving technology

If you already have technology within your organisation you have no doubt seen and experienced the advantages that properly designed and installed systems can provide. As a result you will want to continue to reap the rewards by remaining up to date and adapting your systems to accommodate both the evolution of your company and advances in technology. We can help by providing practical assessments of your current technology, identifying opportunities for improvement and helping you to achieve more with technology.

Creating a new system

Many ideas you have within your company for utilising technology will replace or improve upon existing methods. Often these improvements require the creation of completely new systems. We can work with you to assess, design and create a system tailored to your requirements and realise your ideas.

Virus Protection

Virus scanning software allows you to stop Virus attacks before they can cause damage to your systems, at source. We can install and configure a suitable scanner and train your staff to keep the virus definitions up-to-date.

Firewall Solutions

Software and Hardware Firewall solutions are essential in company networks. We can provide, configure and train your staff to maintain a Firewall, and maintain the integrity of your network.

If you don’t see what you are looking for described above, or you simply want to outline your requirements further, contact us on info@silicontechnix.com. We are always happy to hear your ideas or arrange a visit personally, and we look forward to hearing from you soon and discussing your ideas in more detail.

Networking Solutions

We provide a full network design, implementation and remedial service. All of our solutions are scaleable, and designed with the future in mind - allowing your network to grow as your business expands.

Software Designing

It is organized around the client-server with intelligence between remote PC clients and centralized servers. We have the facility of the best system Analyst and efficient programmers. Our core of application software designing revolves around Oracle, Java, Visual Basic, ASP, Visual C++, XML, PHP and MS FoxPro etc.

Web Designing

We are here to help individuals, small, medium and large size businesses and organizations to develop a quality presence on the Internet's World Wide Web. Our primary goal is to be your web site designer and host provider who will bring your business into the information age. Over the last few years (mid 90s) the Internet has gone through some monumental changes. It is now being used extensively by businesses as a communication media and also as a medium on which business can be conducted. Localized Internet (i.e. Intranet) applications have found way into the corporate world.

Development Process:

  • Design
  • Production and Testing
  • Launch and Evaluation
  • Deliverables


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