IAX2 ActiveX SDK

IAX2 ActiveX is a COM based super fast and most native windows based solution for Rapid Application Developments.

IAX2ActiveX supports most of the functionality of IAX2. It enables any one to drag and drop in any COM supported platform and use IAX protocol in any application including Web Pages, VB, VC, Delphi, C Builder Applications etc with zero knowledge of programming or just small scripting skills can be used with any server side scripting language when developing web based client.

IaxClient Control is best for Webbased and PC based developments and applications like Web2call, click2call , pc2phone, pc2pc, phone2pc, Computer Telephony Integrations, Live Audio Confrernces, Audio Chat rooms etc

This ActiveX is not only a client itself but a tool to create customized Standalone and webbased client in minutes


  • Microsoft Authenticode Signed Control form thawte.com/verisign.com
  • Easy to use no complex installation is required (webversion).
  • Very compact in size just 176KB for all (webversion).
  • Registering with multiple Asterisk PBX, supporting IAX2 protocol
  • No need for register before dialing
  • Support for both plaintext and MD5 authentication 
  • Codecs support, G729, iLBC, GSM,Speex,alaw,ulaw.
  • DTMF support.
  • Selectable Audio Filters (Echo cancellation, Noise Cancellation, Automatic Gain Control)
  • Can use any audio device as ring device (including PC speaker), independent of the play device
  • Separate audio device than the default
  • Audio Tuning Wizard for setting sound/mic device and volume/Playback.
  • Volume control and Speaker Control
  • Switch between two calls Multiple Lines support (by default 4)
  • Hold Call Support
  • Blind Transfer Call support
  • Voice Mailbox and VM notifications
  • UnRegister/Logoff support.
  • User selectable audio devices.
  • Multiple Languages support.
  • Control 100% save for scripting.
  • Internal Audio Devices Handler can be override by scripting or coding.
  • Internal State Messages handler can be override by scripting or coding.
  • Codecs preferences, allowed/disallowed etc.
  • Tunneling Support, so IAX can be used over TCP with tunneling server software.

Iaxclient Project. A project to create a cross-platform IAX-protocol IP telephony client.

IAX is the native protocol used by The Asterisk PBX Although asterisk supports other IP protocols (including SIP, and with patches, H.323), IAX2's simple, lightweight nature gives it several advantages, particularly in that it can operate easily through NAT and packet firewalls, and it is easily extensible and simple to understand.

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